Individual Counseling

Confidential, one-on-one counseling sessions. Below is a brief description of the types of services offered and what you can expect out of session. The type of therapy you wish to engage in is entirely up to you and your comfort. Sessions are methods are personalized for you and your own individual pace.

(For information on length of session/cost, please see the FAQ page.)


Psychotherapy, or talk therapy, explores our everyday issues that may be causing stress or conflict.

Simply talking out our problems can provide a release as well as help us to process our thoughts and emotions. Psychotherapy provides a safe space for you to “get it off your chest” and to share what’s on your mind in a safe, supportive environment. Sessions also focus on problem solving skills so that you can learn to better cope with issues and gradually overcome them.


Cognitive Behavioral Therapy

Cognitive behavioral therapy, also known as CBT, examines the specific thoughts that contribute to unhealthy patterns. It is our thoughts that determine our feelings, behaviors, and overall life experience. CBT teaches useful and practical methods that will allow you to identify these problematic thoughts and gives you the skills to change them.


Psychoanalytic Therapy

Psychoanalytic therapy delves deeper into mind and examines issues that rest beneath the surface. This type of therapy is usually lengthier and more focused, tracing back to earlier roots in order to identify the true source of conflict. Psychoanalytic therapy promotes profound insight and awareness, making it possible to understand subconscious issues on a conscious level. Sessions may also include the use of:

Dream Analysis

Dreams can be a reservoir of information. Recurring dreams often represent unresolved issues or underlying fears that might not be obvious on a conscious level. By analyzing dreams and their symbolic meaning, we can gain the clarity and understanding that are vital to the therapeutic process.


Trauma-Focused Therapy

Trauma of any kind can create powerful, lasting wounds. Trauma-focused therapy uses a patient, compassionate approach that helps you to heal in an effective way and at your own pace. Different methods may be employed such as writing objectives, visualizations and meditative/relaxation techniques.



Phobias are more than just fears. They are often intense, paralyzing fears that can interfere with our daily lives. Whether they have a clearly-defined source or seem to be a mystery, phobias make it impossible to perform even the simplest tasks because of the dread and anxiety they create. Through phobia treatment, peace of mind is possible. You can learn to take back control over your life and no longer be debilitated by what you fear.


Marriage/Couples Counseling

Find harmony within your relationship. Marriage/Couples Counseling provides you and your significant other a safe space to work through your conflicts by providing neutral, unbiased feedback. We will explore the underlying reasons for issues, work to heal past wounds within the relationship, and learn clear, effective communication. Couples counseling also explores what makes you an individual and how you can work towards self-improvement, resulting in a stronger, healthier relationship.

Family Therapy

Family therapy focuses on the dynamics of your family system, examining roles and communication style. This type of therapy centers on healing the wounds not only of the individual, but of the family, allowing each member to safely express themselves and to be heard. Sessions provide psycho-education and coping skills designed to help each member navigate their unique situation and to actively problem-solve, rather than to place blame. Family therapy provides essential tools that are needed to experience family unity and happiness.

Child/Adolescent Therapy

Child/Adolescent Therapy sessions give your child a space where they can openly express themselves and sort out their feelings. Providing therapy at a young age can create a significant, lasting impact on your child’s life, granting them the positive coping skills that they need in order to become a healthy adult. Often, children and adolescents are unable to articulate themselves through words. Therapy sessions and techniques are personalized for each child, utilizing a combination of play therapy and creative methods to aid them in open communication and expression.


Life Coaching

Life coaching aims to help you achieve your goals and to gain traction towards your higher potential. Sessions focus on task setting, time management, and developing your vision while setting a foundation for reachable, realistic steps. Planning and active discussion can be the key difference in making your vision into a reality. Life coaching also centers on assertiveness training, improving self-esteem, and gaining confidence within your own abilities. Life coaching differs from individual therapy, as it focuses more on your goals and empowerment, rather than on issues directly related to mental health.